About Seasons

About Us

Seasons Magazine came about from the need for a Magazine that concentrated on the needs of the growing active 50 plus demographic in today’s market nationwide. Statistics today show very real trends toward the 50+ market living longer, travelling more often, and participating more and more in social and sporting activities including becoming more au fait with technology and social media.

Toward The Future

Being the more affluent and settled demographic due to owning their own homes and in many cases rental properties and investments. Many of our readers are still valued members of the New Zealand workforce and are staying put in their positions well past retirement age even starting new businesses and projects well into their early 70s Within the next 10-15 years the 50+ market will be the largest community contributor in many sectors due to the baby boomer effect and the improved life style and health that are allowing them to live longer fuller lives.


The objective of Seasons Magazine is to create a forum for Organisations, Businesses and services to reach this largely unrepresented and untapped demographic of our community in a format that is both informative and entertaining for our valued readers as well as opening communication between those with products and services and those that require them. We are looking to make the magazine and with further development the website a place for communication, Ideas, stories and fun for those readers looking to have a great read but also to allow access and input as much as possible.

Focus Areas

This is a great time and opportunity for us to focus on multiple areas of interest through a directed media and online medium to cover areas from Gardening, Local stories, News, Stay healthy and just about any subject which meets with our readers wishes. Seasons Magazine is always keen for feedback from its readers and also if you feel you have a story, poem, or idea that you may wish to communicate, this site allows you to do exactly that.

Please note: Seasons Magazine retains the right to what may be chosen from these submissions to go to print or online.



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